• Jul. 5 2012
  • Nicolette Beard

Naples Garden Attracts Crowd for Last Summer Concert



I wrapped up my second “photo shoot” for the Garden yesterday for the last of our Summer Picnic concerts. It was another lovely Florida morning, partly cloudy skies and a mild breeze blowing. In fact, Southwest Fla. temps have been cooler than St. Louis and parts farther north!

Walking amidst the families and observing couples young and old sharing a midday repast on the day of our nation’s independence uplifted me. To be sure, the Garden exudes a special magic, but the tropical music and strong vocals combined with a lazy day vibe made me feel as though time does stand still despite our hyper-connected world. (I do appreciate the irony as I posted on Facebook prior to, during and after the concert!) But here’s the thing…people want to connect.

  • Feb. 13 2012
  • Shannon Palmer

Question: Where are the Night Lights 2011 pictures?

FotoBooth_NightLights2011.jpgWe have been receiving a number of calls and emails about the photos that were taken during our Night Lights 2011 Celebration by Luminaire Foto.

You may remember picking up some prop pair of glasses or faux mustache and posing for a shot or two in the Lea Asian Garden during our holiday season event. Did you ever check out the pictures and see how they came out?

  • Dec. 2 2010
  • Naples Contributor


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