family programming

Education and activities aren’t just for the adults at the Garden. Kids of all ages will find and learn something new each time they visit the whimsical Smith Children’s Garden. With weekly and monthly programs throughout season, you can guarantee that everyone in the family will be looking forward to returning to the Garden each week!

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w.o.n.d.e.r. kids

Drop in anytime between 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday to the Smith Children's Garden for fun activities!


March: Unearthed: Dinosaurs in the Garden - Visit the Smith Children's Garden in March to discover what life was like on Earth 65 million years ago. Get your picture taken with a T-Rex and dig for dinosaur bones! It will be a roaring good time!

April: Flower - Flowers are more than just a pretty face. Did you know some flowers are edible and some only bloom at night!? Join us in April as we become experts on one of nature's most delightful gifts!

May: Art Naturally - Connect with nature in the most creative way! This month we learn how to make natural paints, put on a show with nature's puppets, and explore the many ways that science and art are related through nature. Bring your imagination for an artistic journey through the Smith Children's Garden in May.

June: Bees - Join us as we learn about the world's most important polinator! Did you know that some hives have over 40,000 bees living together, and the only animal on Earth able to produce honey is a bee?! Discover what all the buzz is about in June.

July: Awesome Aquatics - This month we take a look at these very unique plants. Aquatic plants have special adaptations that let them grow underwater. Some are older than dinosaurs, and some provide food for caterpillars. We can't wait to show you our Awesome Aquatics!

August: World of Water - Have you ever wondered where the water in your faucet comes from? Or why every living thing needs water? During the month of August, we uncover the world of water by making your very own water cycle, playing games and much more.

September: Seeds - Seeds come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Some seeds are as small as a speck of dust, while others are as big as a basketball. Join us as we learn how seeds form, travel, and grow.

October: Butterflies - The garden is a perfect place to learn all about these flying beauties! Take a closer look at the lifecycle of a butterfly by finding eggs, caterpillars, chrysalids and butterflies all throughout the Smith Children's Garden. This month, learn how to identify native butterflies in the Pfeffer-Beach Butterfly House, and even take home seeds of a butterfly plant.

November: Fall into Fall - Upon your visit, you will meet our newest scarecrows, learn the importance of the fall season in Florida, enjoy story time, create fall-themed crafts, and much more!

December: Wish Upon a Star - Help us kick off Night Lights in the Garden by creating a wish to hang on our Wish Tree. Ever wonder where the tradition of Christmas trees began? Learn the story behind this symbolic tree, why we use them and their role in nature.

January: Cool Creatures - Build like a bird and collect berries like a bear! Join us in January as we investigate animal behavior.

February: Enchanted Gardens - The gardens come alive this month with the return of our magical friends as we welcome back the Garden gnomes and fairies during the month of February. Celebrate this annual migration by making gnome homes, throwing tea parties, and much more magic.

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summer camp

Give your kids the chance to embrace their inner adventurer this coming summer at Naples Botanical Garden’s summer camp!

Kids will have the opportunity to connect with the natural world through art, science, exploration and play. It is the perfect camp for budding scientists, explorers, horticulturists, and chefs.

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