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We can accommodate 3 classes per day. If you are scheduling more than 3 classes, please complete a second Registration Form.
Should you have more than 60 students (or three classes), you will need to schedule multiple field trips on different dates.

Program Choice

Please be sure you have reviewed our Field Trip Options. Field Trip Options 
Choose ONE Smith Children’s Garden Experience  Brazil  Caribbean/Asia  Butterfly Science  Self-guided Only 

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Field Trip Dates

Please select 3 dates in order of preference.
Please note: the dates on the drop-down calendars below are calendar dates only – they do not reflect availability.
Remember to choose dates for Monday-Friday only.

Field Trip Time

Your arrival time is the time your group will arrive at the Garden, not the time that you intend to leave school. The departure time is the time you will leave the Garden, not the time that you need to back at school. If you list an arrival time of 9am, please be sure that buses are allowed to leave your school before 9am.


In order to reduce the number of last-minute cancellations, approval from your school principal/director is required. Please check at least one:
I have received approval from my: Department Head  Principal