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Planned Giving is a wonderful way to be able to meet the financial needs of your family, minimize taxes, and provide crucial support to Naples Botanical Garden. Benefits to you can include: monthly income payments, deferred income, elimination of capital gains tax, income or estate tax minimization, and creation of a permanent legacy for you or in remembrance of a loved one.

Planned Giving is Easy

The simple phrase: I leave to Naples Botanical Garden, a not-for-profit, tax ID # 65-0511429 located at 4820 Bayshore Drive, Naples, FL 34112 in your will or living trust is a great first-step.

You may designate a specific financial amount, a percentage of your estate, a percentage of remainder assets or a specific asset to the Garden. Should you wish to have a specific use named, we would like to meet with you to formalize a fund agreement to be sure your wishes can be honored. There is a host of other ways to support the garden using specialized planning vehicles where the benefits can be substantial to you, your family and the Garden. This is something that involves professional planning, and is often delayed or avoided due to the belief it is very complex. An easy place to start is by talking to our Gift Officer at the Garden. He can provide specialized advice that may save you time and money.

Foundation Support

Naples is home to many philanthropic individuals that are connected with foundations. Foundations play a vital role in ensuring that the Garden remains a peaceful haven and world class educational resource for future generations. We can help explore avenues that meet your foundation guidelines while assisting the Garden.

The Next Step

For greater discussion on planned giving, estate planning, or foundation support, please contact Kent Kyle at 239.643.7275 or Your communications will be kept confidential, and your privacy will always be respected.

How Planned Giving can benefit you and your family today

The best way to start thinking about a structured gift to the Garden is by contemplating what is important to you, then considering your assets, tax situation, and family concerns. Often, the satisfaction of supporting the Garden can be significantly increased through simple planning.

consider these goals:

How can I...





Support the Garden today without using cash?


Consider donating appreciated stock or making a donation directly from an IRA or other retirement plan.


You will avoid capital gains and / or income tax. Your tax deduction and value of support will be maximized.

Support the Garden without great cost to my heirs?


Remember the Garden as a beneficiary in your IRA, annuity or retirement plan.


The double, sometimes triple taxation on these plans is often a shock to heirs. There is a provision which allows them to receive a five year or lifetime distribution, but this is seldom chosen. Should you be planning charitable gifting through your estate, this is where to start.

Support the Garden while receiving income today?


Consider funding a Charitable Gift annuity, Pooled Income fund, or Remainder Trust.


You and potentially a family member receive high monthly income for life(lives), a tax deduction that can reduce your overall taxes for five years, capital gains avoidance, while helping the Garden.

Support the Garden today, while making sure my children and/or grandchildren benefit from my estate?


Consider a Lead Trust.


You will receive a major tax deduction today, which could reduce or eliminate income tax for up to five years. The Garden will receive income from the assets, and eventually the bulk of your assets will pass to your heirs. This is especially useful with grandchildren.

Support the Garden by gifting my primary residence, but continue to live there?


Create a “retained life estate.”


You get large tax benefits today, and stay in your home.

Many planned giving strategies are able to be funded with stock, land, a seldom used vacation property or any other liquid asset with substantial capital gains. The benefits are numerous. We can assist you and your advisors in achieving your goals, please contact Cindy Learned at 239.643.7275 or for more information.


The Garden is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.

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