New Signs in the Garden

Posted by Naples Contributor on March 31, 2010 4:00 PM.

Have you seen our new signs in the Garden? We know that statistics say most people don’t read signs, but we’re just begging to challenge this.

chalksigns.jpgWe happen to believe that our visitors want to read MORE about the Garden and its residents (plants). So we’ve been creating some signs with interesting factoids and tips. You will see them strategically placed here and there to tell you a bit more about a flower, or perhaps point out something about a unassuming tree you wouldn’t otherwise know.

These signs are just one more way that we’re trying to connect with our visitors and we hope you find them helpful!

We'll be adding more and rotating some of the signs to match with what's new in the Garden, so you should always have something new to read. If there is a plant that you want to know more about or you feel should have a sign, please let us know.

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