Cooking with the Campers!

Posted by Renee Waller on July 17, 2013 10:35 AM.

Yesterday, our summer campers were introduced to a new world of culinary art thanks to the amazing future chefs at the Lorenzo Walker Institute of Technology



The kids made octopi and squid from bananas with cloves for eyes, sampled banana ketchup with breaded chicken and enjoyed banana fruit smoothies! They were also shown melon carving, other possible banana creatures such as dolphins, a beautiful rose made from tomato skin, and ended the presentation with a rousing chorus of summer camp staples.

David, John, Hunter, Christian, Aaron and JoMarie did a fantastic job igniting a love of 'playing with food' in our campers, under the watchful eyes of Chef Becca and our very own Shea Porta, Program Coordinator for the "Garden to Table" collaboration between Naples Botanical Garden and LWIT.

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