What's Blooming Now

Posted by Naples Contributor on May 12, 2011 1:50 PM.

As the growing season is upon us, the Garden is really bursting into bloom! Here are some fantastic plants that have new growth and stunning blossoms now:

5-12-11_Blooms.jpgSmith Children's Garden

  • Fish-poison tree, Piscidia piscipuila
  • Scarlet hibiscus, Hibiscus coccineus
  • Royal poinciana "Chuck", Delonix regia

Brazilian Garden:

  • Annatto or Lipstick tree, Bixa orellana
  • Cashew, Anacardium occidentale
  • Guiana chestnut, Pachira aquatica
  • Ice-cream bean, Inga edulis

Water Garden: 

  • Magenta water lily, Nymphaea 'Antares'
  • Marmelada, Augusta rivalis
  • Lea Asian Garden:
  • Golden shower tree, Cassia fistula
  • Belly-ache bush, Jatropha gossypifolia
  • Makok, Eleaocarpus hygrophilus
  • Plumeria

North Grove:

  • Yellow poinciana, Delonix regia
  • Spiral ginger, Costus arabicus

Kapnick Caribbean Garden:

  • Cacao (leaves), Theobroma cacao

South Grove:

  • Dwarf poinciana, Caesalpinia pulcherrima
  • Orchid tree, Bauhinia galpinii
  • Magnolia, Magnolia sirindhorniae

Scott Florida Garden:

  • Passion vine, Passiflora cultivar
  • Lavender star flower, Grewia caffra
  • Yunnan bauhinia, Bauhinia yunnanensis

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