For a limited time!

You will notice lots of weird and wonderful ornaments hanging from the trees on the Wild Florida Loop in the Smith Children’s Garden right now.


This is why....

The ornaments were made of plant materials from the Garden, which were gathered by our Natural Areas staff members, Eric and Taylor. The children of Laura Foht’s art class at Gulfview Middle School were shown videos on Andy Goldsworthy for inspiration on nature-based crafts. The following week they had only 50 minutes to select their chosen Garden-based materials, come up with a design and put it all together. With only four hot glue guns available too!


The material made an absolute mess of Ms. Foht’s classroom, and she was really great about taking on this big project and making it work. It also took a lot of hard work by Eric, Taylor and Mike Sullivan (a Garden volunteer) to collect materials, deliver them to the school and assist the students.

The resulting ornaments are now on display, and we hope you will enjoy them as much as we enjoyed watching the process!