Bye Bye Birdies! Hello Habitats!

Posted by Heather duPlooy on February 8, 2012 3:25 PM.


Many beautiful migratory birds are still with us in Southwest Florida, but the January Second Saturday Migration Celebration has flown away to make room for another migration -- the Gnomes, who will be returning to the Children’s Garden February 11, 2012!

You can still see the unique bird cages from the Migration Celebration in the Hidden Garden. The bird cages are 100% bird-free, as it is easier to migrate if you can flap your wings freely. Instead they are home to captive plants.

Two of the cages house native Birdcage2.jpgFlorida plants, which represent the very special habitats made possible by our fabulous latitude. Very fitting for the month of February when the theme for the Children’s Garden is Habitats. The wonders of Habitats are celebrated every weekend in February as part of the W.O.N.D.E.R. program. Come in any day in February and enjoy a special activity guide to take you through the native habitats in our Wild Florida Loop trail.

It is only happening in February, so come on by before all the fun takes wing!

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