Question: Where are the Night Lights 2011 pictures?

Posted by Shannon Palmer on February 13, 2012 10:25 AM.

FotoBooth_NightLights2011.jpgWe have been receiving a number of calls and emails about the photos that were taken during our Night Lights 2011 Celebration by Luminaire Foto.

You may remember picking up some prop pair of glasses or faux mustache and posing for a shot or two in the Lea Asian Garden during our holiday season event. Did you ever check out the pictures and see how they came out?

No worries if you lost the foto card handed out at the event, we have the link to all the pictures from the 2011 Night Lights "foto booth" gallery!

Just click here and select the night you took your photo. Scroll through the pictures from each night and, if you like a particular photo of yourself, you can purchase it right from Luminaire's site!

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