Zimbabwean Sculptures Inspire

Posted by Dominique Mitchell on February 23, 2012 9:25 AM.

IMG_8665_2.jpgThe ZimSculpt stone sculpture exhibit is making a big impression on our visitors since its debut at our First Annual Garden Party on Friday, February 17, 2011.

The exhibit features more than 100 stone carvings arranged throughout the cultivated gardens. Not only are the stone sculptures wonderful to look at, but also serve to educate visitors on the cultural heritage of Zimbabwe. Themes of family, nature and spirituality clearly inspire the creativity of these magnificent stone carvings.

You may be wondering what is ZimSculpt?

Well, Zimbabwe means “great stone house,” which is almost prophetic since Zimbabwe is now known as the home of some of the best sculptors in the world. Each stone sculpture is unique in that each carver demonstrates his or her own distinct style. Some carvers believe that every stone has a life spirit that influences what the stone will become, making each sculpture truly one of a kind. Amazing, right?

ZimSculpt curators, Vivienne and Joseph Croisette, journeyed to Florida with sculptor, Patrick Sephani, for the run of the exhibit and are looking forward to “meeting new faces and promoting the artists’ work in a new setting.”

The couple are in the Garden daily, offering additional insight into the exhibition as well as the history of the stone sculpture movement in Zimbabwe. Vivienne Croisette has established herself as an expert in this particular niche of the art world and, with her husband, Joseph, has been supporting over 200 sculptors for the past decade in Zimbabwe.

You can view the sculptures throughout the approximately 60 acres of landscaped gardens. All pieces in the exhibit are for sale, so you can take a piece of the exhibit home with you as well. A portion of proceeds from sales benefit social and educational programs in Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

An on-site sales tent will also have over 100 more sculptures for sale in a wide variety of prices and sizes. In addition to the sculptures, you can see noted Zimbabwean artist, Patrick Sephani, carving on-site in the Garden daily!

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