New Succulent Garden

Posted by Shannon Palmer on March 21, 2012 11:05 AM.


In February 2012, we put the finishing touches on the Kristin Foster Succulent Garden. The newest addition to the Naples Botanical Garden features succulent plants from around the world.

So what do we mean by "succulent?"

A succulent, by definition, is any plant that has a specialized growth for storing or conserving water. In general, these are plants adapted for growing in arid climates or arid-like conditions, like the crevises of rocks with little to no soil or even a part of your garden that does't get watered.

Succulent plants often have some combination of spines, thick fleshy leaves or swollen trunks. These adaptations help them live through harsh climates and conditions with little to no rain fall. 

Succulent Garden.jpgThe Foster Succulent Garden was created in the section of the Garden we call the South Grove which lies between the Lea Asian Garden and the Scott Florida Garden. The Garden's horticulture staff designed, constructed and planted the new garden. One of the major design decisions made was to divide the Succulent Garden into broad geographic zones based on where the world's succulent plants originate. The zones represent the succulent plants of Africa, the Americas and Australia/Asia.

When walking through the Foster Succulent Garden, take your time and look at each of the individual plants. We promise you will be amazed at the diversity in shapes, forms and colors that these fascinating little plants have to offer!

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