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Content Editor

Content Editor

The Content Editor is a powerful and useful tool. Learn how to add your own custom web content such as images, videos, text, links, tables and lists. The ConcourseCloud content editor is a WYSIWYG editor that is serious about style, layout, links, media and security. This allows you to publish your own content without knowledge of code.


A guide to main icons


Formatting Text


Text can be added just by typing. It can then be formatted by highlighting the text and using the drop down box on the left of the editor.

This will show you what the text will look like with each option.

It is important to note that selecting 'Heading 2' will generate a leaf icon before the text.

You can also copy and paste text from other sources into the editor and then style it accordingly.

Text can also be styled using bold, italic, underline, strike through, bulleted lists and numbered lists. These are done by highlighting the text and selecting the icon.


Images can be inserted into the wiki. Ensure the line you are inserting the image on is formatted to 'Paragraph.' Images have to be uploaded to the image library by clicking on the image icon. This is the image window:


To upload and format an image:

  1. Click the browse button or choose file (Safari) select the image you wish to upload from your computer.
  2. The image files supported are PNGs, GIFs and JPGs.
  3. Once the image has been uploaded select it from the image library. You will be able to see a preview of the image on the right.
  4. Images can be positioned in accordance with other content. That is they can be justified left, middle or right. They can also be inserted so that the text can flow around the image on either the left or the right. See the 'selected image' section and check the appropriate box.
  5. Click the 'Insert' button.
  6. Please note that images will be inserted the same size as the file you upload so we recommend editing the images first using an image editor. If this is not an option you can use the 'Insert as thumbnail' option which will make the image smaller.

Note that if you float an image to the left or right, all the content beside it will wrap around it. When you wish to stop the content warapping around you can insert a 'Horizontal Rule' which is not visible but will push any content below it underneathe the image.


You can embed videos into the wiki. This is done by using streaming sites. Click on the video icon to bring up the "Insert a Video" window:


Simply insert the "video link" from the site the video is hosted. The video can be formatted by clicking "Insert as thumbnail" which will only display a small version of the video that can be clicked on to view larger.

The streaming sites supported are:

You can insert links into the wiki. These are especially helpful in organizing your site. You can use links to navigate to the other pages in your site or to external web pages. Both text and images can be links.

WikiLinksWindow.jpgHow to make a link:

  1. First highlight the text or the image you want to be the link then click the image icon.
  2. If it is an external link then insert the full URL of the link.
  3. If you are linking to another page in your wiki simply type the name of the page.
  4. If you wish to link to a page in your wiki which has not yet been created then type the name of the page and it will create that page for you.

Please note that Wiki links can only be used on unformatted paragraph body text. This means no 'header' can be a link.

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