Naples Attractions | Naples Botanical Garden | SW Florida
  • 4820 Bayshore Drive
  • Naples, FL
  • 34112
  • (239) 643-7275
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Mobile Participation


Welcome to the Naples Botanical Garden Mobile application. We value your participation highly and would love to see your comments and photos as you walk around the gardens. Use the Live Map to keep up to date with all the latest happenings at the gardens.

Naples Botanical Garden
4820 Bayshore Drive
Naples, FL

Hours of Operation:
9am-5pm every day (Tuesday 8am-5pm)

Getting Started


New Account
You can view the garden Photos and the Live Map without an account but to be able to participate and share your experience you have to register with us.

Sign In
To do this, hit the "Sign In" button. You can create an account with us directly by providing your name, email and a password.

Login with Facebook
You can aslo log in using your facebook account. The app will take you to facebook for confirmation.

Register on Website
Alternatively, you can register via our website prior to your visit and use the email and password you used to register.

How Do I Participate?


Use the Sharing button

You can update the Live Map by informing others about your garden experience by clicking the “Actions” button in the top right of the live map and garden pages. You can share your experience by posting to your profile. If you have permission from the garden you can post directly to the gardens.


"Sharing" presents you with these options. Share a comment, take a photo, choose an exisitng photo or report a problem.

Share a Comment
Post your comments about the gardens to your profile.

Take a Photo
Document your experience by taking a photo and sharing it with others. You can add a comment to a photo too.

Choose an Existing Photo
If you have already taken a photo you can share it.

Report a Problem
If you notice anything we should know about during your visit please report it to us. We appreciate your participation.


Use the Photos button

On the "Photos" page you can use the photos button to take a photo. This will be posted to your profile. If you have permission from the Gardens you can post it directly to the garden profiles.


Once you have your photo you can add a caption. This can be a maximum of 100 characters long.

Then you need to select the location to post the photo by selecting "Please choose" for a list of possible locations.

You will need to select one of the designated albums.

Share a Comment

Tell everyone about your garden experience. You can comment on anything from a particular plant, flower or garden to general feedback. You need to choose a location for your comments.

Report a Problem

We appreciate your participation in making sure everything is just right in the gardens. If you see something out of place please do not hesitate to tell us. You can select one of the gardens to tell us where the problem is. Thank you!

Who else can participate?

Staff & volunteers

Staff and volunteers at the gardens can also provide insights into the latest happenings. Look out for our latest events and classes on the live map too.

Live Map


What is the live map?
It features latest comments, events and classes. You can select a garden to filter the latest happenings. Once you have selected a garden you can see the comments, events and classes that are happening there. To view the whole garden content simply deselect that garden to see all of the happenings of the garden again.

When on the live map with a garden selected you can click on the "i"symbol in the bottom right of the map to go to that garden's profile. Once there you can see photos, video & audio tours and attractions. You can double tap the map to zoom in and scroll around.

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