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Photos and Videos

Photos and videos

These can be added to most profile types including My Page, Gardens, Non garden specific events etc. Photos can be the profile image and there is also a separate 'Photos' tab for albums.


Profile Images

All profile types have a profile image including 'My Page.' If no image is present you will see the option to 'Upload now'


On the left of your profile is a gray box, click "Upload Now" and this will bring up the file attachments window. Use the "Browse" button to select your photo from your computer. You can also add a caption to be displayed when the mouse is hovered over the image.

If you already have a profile image you can use the '+' to add more or 'x' to remove an image. This is also true on the Summer Camp and Global Garden pages as they use this profile image functionality.

Photos Tab


In the 'Photos' tab you can create albums and upload photos to the profile.

Using the Quick Actions in 'Photos' you can:

Create an album to keep photos inside and keep them organized or you can simply upload photos directly to your profile.

Create an album


This option allows you to create an album into which you can upload photos and keep them organized.

You can enter a name for the album up to a maximum of 255 characters.

Upload Photos


In this section you can create a new album or select an existing album to upload photos into. Then select the photos you wish to upload using the 'Browse' button. Use the shift, Command or Control key when choosing multiple photos. Then click 'upload.'


We currently accept videos that are streamed from:

  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Ustream
  • Qik
  • Google Video

To add a video click on the 'Videos' tab and paste the URL from the site into the 'What is the video's URL?' section. You can click 'more options' to add a title and a description.

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