• Jun. 10 2008
  • Naples Contributor

Naples Botanical Garden invites the community to free pre-registered summer visits


Naples Botanical Garden invites the community to preregistered visitations of their Tropical Mosaic Garden. Currently closed to the general public due to expansion, the Garden will offer the visiting opportunities free of charge. To register, call 239-643-7275.

The Tropical Mosaic Garden is springing to life with increasing soil and night temperatures. Exciting plants such as Arums (Amorphophallus spp.), Summer tulip (Curcuma spp.), and deciduous Gingers (Zingiber spp.) are arising from the earthen shadows. Trees that have been bare of foliage are exploding with color and fresh growth. New fragrances fill the air as blooming shrubs and vines welcome the busy pollinators. Be sure to check on the Rangoon Creeper (Quisqualis indica) growing on the arbor. It is just covered in blooms that change color from white to pink to red. It is spectacular! (The walk is along shell pathways in the 1.5-acre garden.)

9:00 am – 11:00 am for all dates


Saturday, June 21
Wednesday, June 25


Saturday, July 19
Wednesday, July 23


Saturday, August 2
Wednesday, August 27

Naples Botanical Garden is in the process of creating a world-class tropical garden paradise that will feature cultivated gardens of Asia, Brazil, the Caribbean, Florida, and a hands-on interactive Children’s Garden along with 90 acres of beautifully restored natural habitats. Currently, the Garden offers pre-registered visitations on specific dates. For more information call 239-643-7275 or visit www.naplesgarden.org, where the Garden is virtually open.

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