• Feb. 4 2009
  • Naples Contributor

Naples Botanical Garden presented with WRAP award


Naples Botanical Garden was presented with the Waste Reduction Awareness Program (WRAP) Award by the Board of Collier County Commissioners on Tuesday, January 27, 2009. The WRAP Award goes to businesses that have integrated new, expanded, exceptional and/or innovative recycling and/or waste reduction efforts into their solid waste management system.

“We have a dedicated group of employees at Naples Botanical Garden we call ‘The Green Team’ who take on the additional responsibility of ensuring the Garden lives up to the message of being good environmental citizens,” stated Janele Smith, Green Team member. “We constantly strive for ways to improve our own practices. Our goal is to set a good example for other businesses in the area on how easy it is to engage in green business practices,” added fellow team member, Rich Lewis.

Efforts Naples Botanical Garden took to be a greener Garden:

  • Purchase business cards, paper, paper towels, toilet paper and envelopes with recycled content.
  • Recycle all plastics, cans, cardboard, magazines, newspapers, junk mail and office paper
  • Buy refillable / recyclable ink cartridges
  • Minimize the use of paper by maintaining digital files
  • Publish documents electronically; post one copy at staff bulletin board
  • Use the backsides of old photocopies and surplus paper for notes and scratch paper
  • Eliminate the use of paper, plastic, and Styrofoam dishware by using environmentally friendly dishware and reusable dishware
  • Provide staff and volunteers with reusable water bottles and ceramic coffee mugs
  • Composting yard and garden waste
  • Provide cardboard boxes at staff desks for the easy collection of recyclable office paper
  • Utilize shredded newspaper as mulch
  • Switched from irrigating with city water to irrigating with water from our lake and initiated the use of rain barrels
  • Shutting off lights when not in use — utilize daylight when possible
  • Installed programmable A/C thermostats
  • Use organic I natural pesticides

Naples Botanical Garden is in the process of creating a world-class tropical garden paradise that will include cultivated gardens of Brazil, the Caribbean, and a hands-on interactive Children’s Garden along with 90 acres of beautifully restored natural habitats. The Garden will open to the public in November 2009. Currently, the Garden offers pre-registered visitations on specific dates. For more information call 239-643-7275 or visit www.naplesgarden.org, where the Garden is virtually open.

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