Naples Botanical Garden invites the community to pre-registered visitations of their Tropical Mosaic Garden. Currently closed to the general public due to expansion, the Garden will offer the visiting opportunities free of charge. To register, call 239-643-7275.

The cooler night temperatures of fall can produce subtle shifts of color, tender new growths, or trigger some plants like the Brunfelsias to flower. The Garden has several hugging the loggia that beckon with their scent, hence their common name, Ladies of the Night. The flowers usually are trumpet shaped but vary from yellow (B. lactea) to cream (B.‘Isola’), or cream with shades of blue (B. Americana). The most dramatic and well known is B. pauciflora, whose flowers change from purple, to pale lavender, to white.

Visiting times are 9:00 am – 12:00 pm unless otherwise noted.

Wednesday, October 15

Saturday, October 18

Friday, November 28

Saturday, November 29

Friday, December 26

Saturday, December 27

Sunday, December 28 from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Naples Botanical Garden is in the process of creating a world-class tropical garden paradise that will feature cultivated gardens of Asia, Brazil, the Caribbean, Florida, and a hands-on interactive Children’s Garden along with 90 acres of beautifully restored natural habitats. Currently, the Garden offers pre-registered visitations on specific dates. For more information call 239-643-7275 or visit www.naplesgarden.org, where the Garden is virtually open.