They're not dead sticks!

Posted by Hetty Ford on March 15, 2012 10:45 AM.
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My-Valentine_bud.jpgFor many winter visitors the sight of our Plumeria Collection (now a Nationally Registered Collection with the NAPCC – a great honor for a young garden such as ours!) can be a bit off-putting. I mean, what is with all those dead-looking sticks?


This year, if you’re still here through the glorious month of March, you are in luck: together with many other tropical plants, our Plumeria are early in waking up and the first blooms have already been spotted. You can find many trees, large and small on the hills leading from the Concession cart to the Asian Garden, and if you are a bit more energetic and are willing to venture out, you can walk past the Labyrinth in the Florida Garden, make a left, and see the majority of our trees on the Hills there. You may be interested to know that almost our entire Collection has been donated from various sources.

 The Plumeria are ideally suited to our climate here, since they like a dry winter and a wet summer. Our collection is definitely thriving! Have a look at their beautiful flowers, take a whiff of their intoxicating perfume (which – uniquely in the flower world – is different for each variety!) and realize why these flowers are celebrated throughout the Caribbean, Southeast Asia and Hawai’i.


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They're not dead sticks!
  For many winter visitors the sight of our Plumeria Collection (now a Nationally Registered...
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