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The Kathleen and Scott Kapnick Brazilian Garden celebrates the rich biodiversity of Brazil's flora.The seven terrestrial ecosystems found in Brazil each have their place in the garden, allowing guests to see plants in an ecological context so that they can better understand these environments.

The interplay between people and plants is also featured in this garden - from the indigenous peoples' use of plants to the art of landscape design. The garden is bold and distinctively Brazilian, a tribute to Roberto Burle Marx, known internationally as the "father of modern landscape architecture." Its centerpiece is the only original Burle Marx ceramic mural in the United States.

Calling him "a poet who had chosen to use nature as a means of self-expression," Brazilian Garden designer Raymond Jungles met the world-renowned Brazilian in 1981 and a friendship began that lasted until Burle Marx's death in 1994.

Principal Objectives

  • Create a bold and distinctively Brazilian Garden.
  • Emphasize and demonstrate the internationally famous garden making style of Roberto Burle Marx, "The father of the modern landscape architecture".
  • Educate about the incredible biodiversity, "The world's greatest", the inhabitants, history and culture of one of the most vibrant countries on the planet.
  • Create an intriguing, enticing garden experience, which delights the visitor and demands repeat visits.
  • Provide a venue for diverse cultural venues: festivals, concerts, performances, lectures.
  • Create a place where Brazilians can appreciate and celebrate their close-knit culture and share it with the rest of the garden's enthusiasts.

Designer & History

Raymond Jungles
Jungles Landscape Architect
Miami, Florida
Raymond Jungles is a landscape architect / artist who uses nature as a means of self-expression. His sensitivity and originality have attracted the attention of many. Internationally published, his gardens have won fifteen design awards from the American Society of Landscape Architects and an additional two have won the coveted Frederic B. Stresau Award given to the best project of the current year. Numerous other organizations have bestowed awards for Jungles' designs. His passion for excellence reflects in all of his designs whether they be estate gardens, resort hotels, urban design, community or recreational, domestic or international. "Ultimately I derive satisfaction when all the specific problems are resolved in a way that encourages people to understand and appreciate nature, art and gardens, " says Raymond.

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