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The Florida Garden PUBLIC PROFILE

about the florida garden

The Karen and Robert Scott Florida Garden displays the essence of the Florida landscape, encouraging us to renew our connection with the natural elements that draw us to this land of sunshine. The central feature of this garden is the Great Circle. This circular form is reminiscent of the numerous pot lakes one sees when flying over Southwest Florida. The Great Circle is formed by a circular planting of sabal palms, Florida's State Tree, underplanted with bougainvillea and silver palmetto. Within the Great Circle are swathes of Florida's most beautiful grasses and wild flowers.


Recent Activity 

April 16

  1. The Florida Garden photo

    Renee Waller @The Florida Garden posted a photo: A shot of the Alluaudia procera or Madagascar ocotillo growing in the Succulent Garden. (Cultivated Gardens)

    6 months ago

February 24

  1. The Florida Garden photo

    Renee Waller @The Florida Garden shared a video: Naples Botanical Garden Walkthrough: Florida Garden

    8 months ago

February 17

  1. The Florida Garden photo

    Kara Laufer @The Florida Garden posted a photo: Sean Kenney filming with WGCU's Curious Kids in the Scott Florida Garden. (People in the Garden)

    8 months ago

December 13

  1. David Richards photo

    David Richards @The Florida Garden: The garden is looking wonderful. Will be a great season

    10 months ago

November 01

  1. The Florida Garden photo

    Chad Washburn @The Florida Garden posted a photo: The vegetables in the Enabling Garden are looking good enough to eat. (Cultivated Gardens)

    12 months ago

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