Recently opened:

The Garden Buildings

The Garden Board is committed to conserving the Earth’s natural resources. To this end, they have adopted best practices in sustainable design in developing the gardens and facilities. The Board’s commitment is exemplified in the hiring of Lake/Flato Architects from San Antonio, Texas, national leaders in sustainable design.

The Visitor Center that Lake/Flato has designed for Naples Botanical Garden incorporates two important principles – visitor engagement and green building practices. It will include the highest level of sustainable innovation in construction materials and techniques. These innovations include rainwater collection tanks that allow us to store 18,000 gallons of rainwater for irrigation; orienting the buildings to maximize the impact of shade and cooling breezes and using recycled wood and other sustainable products extensively throughout.

The entire complex has been designed to be functional as well as aesthetically engaging and will include a large auditorium that can be used for art shows, lectures and seasonal displays; a gourmet café with delicious, healthy food featuring local produce and seafood; a volunteer services area; and an enhanced ticketing and retail center. These facilities will enhance the visitor experience, provide critical sources of income and expand our ability to attract nationally recognized speakers, symposia and conferences to the Garden.

Most importantly the future Visitor Center will welcome each and every member, visitor, and volunteer to the Garden and hopefully inspire them to become better stewards of our environment.