2017-18 Sustaining Leadership Council

Cortney L. Beebe
Jane Purdy Berger
Mary Ann E. Bindley
Joanne D. Brown
Eleanor B. Chabraja
Joan E. Clifford
Parker J. Collier
Lucille M. Drackett
Grace B. Evenstad
Geren W. Fauth
Leslie K.S. Fogg
Donna S. Hall
Nancy H. Hamill
Barbara J. Hills
Harriet H. Hubbell
Kathleen G. Kapnick
Linda W. Koehn
Jody B. Lippes
Barbara L. Morrison
Katherine R. Pallas
Catherine A. Perez
Kathleen C. Rooney
Wynnell C. Schrenk
Karen M. Scott
Cynthia L. Sherman
Lynne W. Shotwell
Jeannie M. Smith
Mary S. Smith
Vicky C. Smith
Juliet C. Sproul
Shelly A. Stayer
Susan C. Stielow
Jenny W. Sutton
Connie M. Vandenberg
Carol A. Walter
Shirley Z. Welsh
Linda G. White
Christine G. Williamson
Kathryn E. Woods

Hats in the Garden 2017 Chair

Eleanor B. Chabraja

Founding Hats in the Garden Chairs

Jane Purdy Berger
Barbara J. Finn
Leslie K.S. Fogg
Anne M. LaGrippe

Thank you to everyone who attended and supported our most successful Hats in the Garden to date – Hats in the Garden 2016!

See your photos from Hats in the Garden 2016