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Naples Botanical Garden and Bahamas National Trust have long maintained a close partnership in plant conservation. Though the islands are a different country, the Garden has more plants, more growing techniques, and more challenges—including catastrophic weather—in common with them than we do with most of the United States. Now, we help our friends begin to recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Dorian.

Bahamas National Trust serves as the country’s national park service. Its mission is to protect and conserve the natural resources of The Bahamas, through stewardship and education, for present and future generations. Bahamas National Trust manages over two million acres of land and sea throughout the country’s numerous islands, protecting crucial ecosystems and maintaining biodiversity. Our partnership allows us to better assess the threats to our shared flora and helps us prioritize conservation efforts.

Pictured above: Falon Cartwright, Retreat Curator and New Providence Parks Manager, Donna McGinnis, Naples Botanical Garden President & CEO, and Shannan Yates, Assistant Retreat Curator

100% of funds donated using this link will be used to support the Bahamas National Trust’s recovery and restoration efforts.

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