Container Gardening: Growing Your Own Avocado Tree

Next time you enjoy homemade guacamole, be sure to save your avocado pits! You can grow your own avocado tree right at home by following these easy steps. 


  • Avocado pit 
  • Toothpicks 
  • A glass, bowl, or jar of water 
  • A large container (1.5 to 3-gallon size)
  • Potting mix 


Rinse off your avocado pit. This will help reduce the chance of your pit rotting out over time. 


Once rinsed, hold your pit upright to better determine the top from the bottom. The top is where the sprout will grow from. The bottom is where the roots will grow from.  


Once you figure the top from the bottom, take three to four toothpicks and stick into the pit. Place your pit on the rim of your glass, bowl, or jar. Fill with water until half of the pit is submerged under water. Keep the top of your pit dry at all times. It will begin to crack once the sprout begins to emerge. 

Leave your pit in a sunny spot either on your kitchen countertop, a windowsill, or your patio. Over time, you will start to see a root sprout from below followed by a leafy sprout from above. 

Once you reach this stage, your pit is ready to be planted into a container of potting mix or into the ground. Gently remove your pit from your jar of water and place into a pot filled with potting mix about three-quarters of the way. Then place your pit into your pot and cover the roots, leaving the tip of your pit out and above the surface of your soil. This will help keep your new sprout dry while you water the soil below.  

I’m nursing my tree back to health as I’m sure you’ve noticed its brown tips. I’ve neglected this little guy for some time. It is about two years old and needs a bigger pot. Once you’ve planted your sprouted avocado pit, you are in it for the long haul! Avocados take at least 5 to 10 years until they begin bearing fruit! In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful foliage.