School gardens offer many benefits to teachers, students, and communities. As outdoor classrooms providing alternative learning, school gardens increase educational equity, giving all children opportunities to excel.

Naples Botanical Garden’s Let’s Grow! program is a network that supports local school, community, and home gardens. Let’s Grow! offers professional development opportunities; fosters dialog among school and community garden professionals; assists with garden development; and provides technical garden support, curriculum resources, and other materials from seasonal workshops.

Interested in learning more about the Let’s Grow! program?

Let’s Grow! Program Resources  
  • Let’s Grow! Garden Manual, available in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole 
  • EarthBox Lending Library – Through Let’s Grow!, Naples Botanical Garden offers an EarthBox Lending Library to schools and community gardens from which you can borrow boxes for free for the growing season. An EarthBox® is a self-watering planter and is a great way to get started with gardening. These systems are compact, portable, and produce high yields. Plus, the planter’s three-gallon water reservoir means that you can leave your box unattended for a short period of time without worrying about it drying out. Since the reservoir has an overflow drain, you can’t overwater your box either!  

If you are interested in borrowing, simply complete and return the Lending Agreement linked below. 

School and Community Garden Census

Let’s Grow! wants to visit every school and community garden we can! These visits allow garden leaders to share their programs and ask questions and give us the opportunity to see gardens in action and learn more about the needs of local gardens.

Interested in participating in our census? We would love to see what you have growing on! Contact to arrange a visit to your garden. This census gives us so much new insight into educational gardens and help us strengthen relationships within the Let’s Grow! community.