The Evenstad Horticulture Campus is among a handful of tropical growing operations in the United States. Custom designed for Naples Botanical Garden, the campus will allow for the enhancement of the Garden’s 170 acres, the development of nature-based solutions to environmental challenges, and the conservation of tropical and subtropical plants. This includes native species threatened by habitat loss, climate change, and natural disasters.

With more than 60,000 square feet of growing space, the campus features specialized environmental controls that allow our staff to replicate natural conditions and care for even the most sensitive of plants. This center will drive the Garden’s mission for decades to come!

Plant Collections

Laboratories will support Garden conservationists in discovering how to store and grow the seeds of Southwest Florida’s native plants. Their efforts ensure the availability of plants for restoration and safeguard the species we have today in light of an uncertain tomorrow.

Nature-Based Solutions

The Garden studies coastal ecosystems and advises local governments on how to restore beach dunes — the first line of defense against wind and surge. Likewise, the Garden investigates the use of plants to purify stormwater runoff. New research and nursery space will expand these critical efforts.

Horticultural Excellence

From potting sheds to sun nurseries, horticulturists can nurture plants through every stage of their development. By growing more plants in-house, our team can ensure specimens meet the highest standards for beauty and longevity.
Advanced growing facilities will entice serious plant collectors and fellow botanical gardens to share their most precious holdings — and we’ll do the same as we expand our collections.

The campus will deepen the Garden’s study of the trees, shrubs, and groundcovers best suited for Southwest Florida’s unique climate and growing conditions. The research allows us to advise local governments and industry professionals on environmentally friendly, resilient landscapes.

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Thank You to Our Generous Donors

Cornerstone Gift of Support

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Evenstad

Lead Gifts of Support

Blair Foundation

Lorraine Carlson

Tanya and Denny Glass

Linda and Tom Koehn

Marcia and L. Bates Lea

Irma and Thomas Leonard

Juliet C. Sproul

Mrs. Mary Stephenson

Catherine Kidder Ware

Significant Gifts of Support

Patricia and Don Altorfer

Edward and Judith Bergauer

William and Sharon Kiehl

Dan and Peggy LeKander

Deb and Vince Maffeo

Andrew R. and Janet F. Miller Foundation

Naples Garden Club

Mrs. Henrietta B. Rothwell

Karen and Robert Scott

Linda and Ken Sumner

Mr. and Mrs. Kermit S. Sutton

Additional Support

Constance Alsbrook

Mary Avellina

Anne Rea and Ken Bigg

Linda LaRue and Jerry J. Brown

Mrs. R. Jill Chamberlain

Liz and Pete Chehayl

Kathy and Roger Cook

Thomas B. Dunkel and Diane A. Dahl

Mary Ruth and Gil Leavitt

Thomas and Carol Matyniak

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. McNamara

Mr. and Mrs. Jay S. Merritt

Sudie Minamyer

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh W. Nevin, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. David Raymond

The Robinson Foundation

Mrs. Patrice H. Schoonmaker

Marti Morfitt and Pat Weber

Linda and James White

The Evenstad Horticulture Campus and the Florida Center for Nature-based Solutions were developed with financial assistance provided by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the Florida Legislature.