Global Contributions

Our conservationists are forming partnerships with botanical gardens throughout Latin America and the Caribbean to share research, plant material, resiliency strategies and to embark on global conservation efforts, such as assessing plant species for the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Why these places? We share common temperature ranges, soil conditions and plant matter. Chances are Southwest Floridians may feel more at home in the Bahamas than they do the Panhandle, botanically speaking, anyway.

The map below shows our international collaborations.

Although nestled in Southwest Florida, Naples Botanical Garden’s reach goes well beyond that. Its impact reverberates throughout the Caribbean and Central America, where it plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the future of our planet’s plant species.

The Caribbean, a biodiversity hotspot, is teeming with unique plant species at risk of extinction. Naples Botanical Garden, as the coordinator of the Caribbean and Central American Botanic Gardens Network, is a central figure in preserving this biodiversity. It serves as a knowledge exchange hub, an organizer of conferences, a source of valuable training, and a catalyst for forming partnerships.

Southwest Florida and the Caribbean share a vibrant plant palette and experience the same threats – sea-level rise, hurricanes, invasive species, and urban development. In 2023, Network members finalized a new Plant Conservation Strategy for the Caribbean Region. The action plan features 20 targets that guide regional conservationists in preserving our plant diversity.

Despite the persistent challenges, our collective efforts hold the potential to ensure a sustainable future for this remarkable region.