Gary Boivin

Vice President of Operations

Gary Boivin is the Garden’s Vice President of Operations. Serving in this capacity since 2014, Gary oversees the Garden’s site operations, including maintenance and renovation of facilities, grounds, and buildings, and campus safety and security. Most recently, he served as the Garden’s liaison in the construction of the over 60,000 square-foot Evenstad Horticulture Campus.

Prior to joining the Garden, a portion of Gary’s career spanned nearly two decades right here in Naples. He spent time as the Facilities Director at David Lawrence Center as well as at Manor Care Lely Retirement Community, with similar roles in Fort Lauderdale.

Gary’s work has also delved into maintenance technology of a different sort — in the industrial laser arena — overseeing a 2-acre operation with more than a dozen laser beam delivery systems. Previous roles as a field service engineer took Gary throughout the country and beyond to perform laser repairs.

Each day, Gary brings a wealth of hands-on expertise from these diverse fields to his work here in the Garden.