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The Vicky C. and David Byron Smith Uplands Preserve features over 30 acres of pine flatwoods and coastal scrub. Boasting the highest natural elevation on the property, the rare scrub habitat is home to a community of nearly 50 gopher tortoises. These threatened animals depend on the native plants of the Uplands to survive; native grasses and the prickly pear cactus are particular favorites.

The Collier Enterprises South Wetland Preserve is our latest restoration project. The removal of thousands of invasive melaleuca, Brazilian pepper, and cattails has been particularly rewarding as the native grasses, sedges, and ferns return to reclaim the marsh habitat. The open water areas of the South Wetland Preserve are a critical stopping off point for migratory wading birds. Since the restoration, the Garden’s bird list has grown to include over 150 species. The James and Linda White Birding Tower is a perfect viewing point to watch birds on the nearby island rookery as well as the South Wetland Preserve.
Here is a list of the diverse bird species documented at Naples Botanical Garden.

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