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Read All About it

Our instagram feed! We are posting some of our favorite sights, from blooms to birds

Spring is here, and so are Tabebuia aurea and Ceiba speciosa!

Growing Fruit Trees with VP of Horticulture Brian Galligan, featured in Naples Illustrated

How sweet is candyroot!?

Bald cypress: the siren of spring

Is my cactus really a cactus?

Backyard birding in 6 simple steps

The challenges of gardening without volunteers

Plumeria in bloom: a comeback story

Know what you’re growing: a cautionary tale

Project Stay Planted species #500

Fungi: friend or foe?

How to grow native Florida milkweed from seed

Bee aware: helping native bees

Connecting with nature: Project Stay Planted results

Harvest Day at the Garden

Garden partners start a virtual collaboration to save plants

Caution: Plants may bite!

What lies beneath

Conservation behind the scenes

Celebrate pollinator week

New ‘living fence’ brings a splice of the Caribbean countryside to the Garden

4 ways you’ve helped the Garden thrive these past 4 months

An exhibition decades in the making

Caffeinated concoctions: coffee, tea, and chocolate

A new chapter in the storied life of this lignum vitae

Do It Yourself


Introduction to Nature Journaling 

Container Gardening! Everything you ever wanted to know from how to choose a container to gardening using kitchen scraps.

Fun activities:

Create a leaf windcatcher

Planting a mango seed

How to make seed paper

Succulent propagation

Gratitude tree

Make a waterlily

Repotting overgrown plants

Build your own tree

Take a neighborhood sensory tour

Create your own plant press!

Decorating jars with pressed flowers

Making rope from a sabal palmetto

The unexpected art of flower pounding

Upcycled planters: milk carton bunnies!

Ever stuck an orchid in a tree?

Mounting tillandsias, aka air plants

Make a toilet paper roll planter

Kitchen scrap gardening

What color do you think herbs should be?

Coloring pages: pineapple plant

Color your world: agave

Color your world: silk floss & cattleya orchid blooms

Coloring sheets: Victoria waterlilies

Color a mango + mango facts

Make a nature art bug

Create your own vanilla extract

Paint a plant: sunset vine

Paint a plant: sweet pepper

A lesson in leaf morphology

Make a cardboard nature journal

What is a littoral zone? 

Seed saving: mustard edition

Seed saving: pepper

Seed saving: tomato

The magic of soapberries

Harvesting edible plants

Design a dream garden

Mangrove habitat 101

Fun facts on pine upland habitats

Create a nature mandala

Reviving a resurrection fern

Create a sun catcher flower mandala

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Tasty recipes: 

Sweet potato gnocchi

Re-purposing the holiday spirit: the cranberry mule

Chef Jack’s classic hummus

Fogg Café’s fish tacos

Mango mimosas

Miso mustard sauce


Fogg Burger

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